Why I Chose a Chevy Van for Van Life

When I decided to make the move to #vanlife, I was living out of an art studio and a Subaru Outback. I feel like this detail is important, because I think that choosing the right van for you depends on what life is like for you right now, and your perspective on how much space you might need.

This fact is also important because I wasn’t in a rush to find my van. I already had a place I was living and working out of, and a way to get around. But I knew that I wanted to make the move to full-time nomadic life and the Subaru, while a literal possibility, wasn’t going to be comfortable for the work I do as an artist and producer.

My first real step in finding the right van for me was research. I watched a million YouTube videos, I read blogs like Gnomad Home, and I went back and read old blog posts from my previous road trips, remembering the things I liked and didn’t like about car-based travel.

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