Vanlifer’s Guide to Sleeping, Camping, and Overnight Parking

So you bought a van, converted it to your new home, and now you’re about to hit the road. But once you’ve left the comfort of stationary dwelling, you’re faced with that looming question:

Where do you sleep?

No need to worry – there are plenty of places all over North America for you to park your van and get some shuteye. Whether you’re just passing through, bouncing around a general area, or looking for a longer-term stay, it’s easy to find good camp spots or places to park overnight.

In this post we go over our favorite options for camping in your van. We discuss free camping, paid camping, apps and resources for finding spots, and our top tips for landing those stunning campsites you’ve dreamed about (including the ones with cell service).

So read on – then get out there on the road and enjoy some of these spots!

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