Tips, Challenges, and Fun on the Road

Whether you’re a vandweller thinking about adding a furry friend to your nomadic lifestyle or a dog owner considering the leap to vanlife – there’s a lot to think about. How we’re able to live this lifestyle with two dogs is one of those questions we get all the time.

Vanlife with a dog is a lot of fun, and we recommend it wholeheartedly. There are definitely some tradeoffs that come with living in a vehicle with a dog, but for us the positives far outweigh the challenges. We love adventuring with our two best friends – they always remind us to stay present and embrace the joy in life, they encourage us to get outside and explore, and they’re the best cuddle bugs we could possibly hope for.

In this post, we share our tips for embarking on your own vanlife journey with a dog (or two). We also chat with a few of our dog-owning nomad friends about their experiences on the road with their canine companions. If you’ve ever thought about living vanlife with a dog but aren’t sure how to make it work, this post is for you!

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