How to Sell Everything You Own to Travel in a Van

The seed has been planted! “That’s it! I’m ready for a big change! I’m going to buy a van, turn it into a tiny home on wheels and I’m going to travel wherever I desire!” Yes! Such an exciting time!

Once you get your van built out you’ll have to move in all of your belongings. So where do you store your curling iron, straightener, hair products and all of your makeup? Where are you going to put your Xbox, controllers, surround sound, 60” tv and gaming chair? Maybe your massive lawn gnome collection will fit in the trunk? You’re going to need 14,000 articles of clothing right?!

The very first step to transition to a life of travel is answering the heaviest question of them all: “What do I do with all of my stuff?”

There are many ways to answer this question. You can pawn all of your stuff off on a family member and hope they’re okay with storing your belongings in their garage or their basement. Or you can spend $100 a month on a storage unit to hold all of your belongings.

But ask yourself this question – why are these things sitting in storage? If it’s all of your winter activity gear and you’re taking off at the beginning of summer then, okay – maybe. But is it just some glassware you got from Target? Are you just holding on to clothes you hope to fit into again someday when you shed a couple of pounds?

If you want to hear our advice on the best way to store your belongings for a life of travel then here it is:

The best way to store everything you own is NOT TO OWN EVERYTHING!

It’s a fact that the less you own, the less you have to worry about. And it’s a pretty incredible feeling knowing that everything you own, everything you need, is within arm’s reach.

We know first hand that downsizing your belongings isn’t as easy as it sounds – at the beginning, at least. But once you start getting rid of stuff, it gets easier and easier (and easier). Before you know it, you’ll be ditching things left and right without even hesitating. And the weight of a huge stressor you didn’t even know you had will be lifted off your shoulders.

Selling your belongings is also a great way to build some savings before hitting the road. We were able to make over $10,000 selling nearly everything we owned, and that money helped us get through our van build and kept us on the road until we built up a regular income.

So if you want to rid yourself of all the stuff you don’t need, declutter your life, destress your mind, and make some cash while you’re at it – read on!

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