How SELF Journal Can Help You Make the Most Out of Van Life

We could not be more honored to write this sponsored post for our friends over at Best Self Co. Their awesome SELF Journals help us stay focused and achieve our goals every single day, and we highly recommend checking them out! This post also contains affiliate links.

When you’re traveling and living in a van – or, heck, even working a 9-5 job – having a daily routine is incredibly valuable. We all have short term and long term goals, and those goals just won’t get accomplished without working towards them every day. And developing a focused daily routine around your goals and centered in gratitude is a great way to accomplish your next big thing.

When we were about to embark on our van life journey, we sat down and discussed the goals we wanted to set for ourselves in this new life. John wanted to see exponential growth in his online business, whereas I wanted to focus on myself more. In the past year I had quit smoking – a huge step – but I wanted to take it further. I wanted to practice yoga more deeply, enhance my meditation practice, start eating healthier and exercising more.

After a long and stressful van build week, John sat me down and opened up a package he had ordered. It contained two simple black boxes (one for me, one for him), and inside each box was a beautifully bound journal.

This was my first introduction to the SELF Journal from Best Self Co, and we’ve been using these journals every day since we hit the road over two months ago. Our days are now more focused, and we’ve made more progress towards our goals than ever before. And just as important, we’re more aware of our accomplishments and all that we have to be grateful for in this life.

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