Diversify Vanlife and How to be a Strong Ally

It’s no secret that vanlife is not what it appears to be on Instagram. If you scroll through the vanlife reshare accounts, or read a media story about vanlife, or attend one of the many vanlife gatherings out there, you might come away thinking that vanlife is a lifestyle for young, attractive white people galavanting around in pristine Sprinter vans.

While this is the most visible side of the vanlife movement, it does not accurately represent the reality of all people living this lifestyle. And intentional or not, we are sending a message about who we are, who is welcome in our community – and who is not welcome.

In this post, we break down the reality of vanlife and our current truth in regards to inclusion. We point out the aspects in which we are exclusive, we explain the importance of making sure everyone feels seen and heard in our community, and we explore the unity that comes from diversity. We also debunk the fallacy that talking about inclusion is divisive, and discuss how to be a strong ally for marginalized groups in our community.

With some self-education, attention, intention, and action, we believe that it’s possible for us to truly become the open and accepting community that we currently pretend to be.

(This resource was made possible with the help of Noami Grevemberg and Noel Russell.)

Head on over to the Diversify Vanlife website for a safe space for BIPOC and underrepresented folx in the nomadic community.

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