Building the Perfect Vanlife Rock Climbing Rig

Rock climbers are a notoriously frugal bunch. They have also taken quite a stance on the inherent crime of vanlife as a way to pursue rock climbing.

There is a reverence for the wandering ascetic climber, who lives with nothing but the clothes on his (always his) back and a rack of cams in his threadbare backpack. Anything more than that is seen as a shocking and reckless expense. 

The back doors of Kaya's Sprinter are open. She sits on the bed facing out the back of her van. You are able to see her gear in the back of the van.
Photo by Kaya Lindsay

However, if you are able to push past this idealistic vision of rock climbing glory and allow yourself the abhorrent luxury of a vehicle to sleep in while you pursue your craft, then this is the van build for you. 

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