A Guide to the Velodyssee Route – Bearfoot Theory

By Bearfoot Theory’s Director, Linda Romero

Bike touring in France, sounds like a dream trip itinerary, right? With a network of well-maintained and well-signed bike paths, abundant camping options, and mostly flat terrain, France is possibly the best place imaginable for a biking adventure.

This past summer, Bearfoot Theory’s Director, Linda, and her husband rode the Velodyssee, a cycling route that spans the entire Atlantic coast of France. They spent two weeks riding their bikes, camping, sightseeing, eating delicious French cuisine, and enjoying the beautiful coastline.

In this post, Linda shares all the info you need to plan a trip to go bike touring in France.

Ready to ride? We are stoked to share this guide to bike touring in France along the Velodyssee with you.

Overview of the Velodyssee Bicycle Route

The Velodyssee is a 1250 km bicycle route that runs along the entire Atlantic coast of France, starting in Roscoff in the north and ending in Hendaye in the south. 70 percent of the route is on traffic-free paths – meaning bicycle paths separate from the road (the best!) – with the remaining 30 percent on quiet roads. It’s one of the best routes for bike touring in France.

The entire route can be completed in 2 weeks if you are comfortable riding nearly 90km (about 56 miles) per day. However, we found that we moved a bit slower, riding only 30-40 miles per day. If you want to have time to stop and enjoy the scenery, be sure to plan some extra time into your trip.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to complete the entire route. Instead, you can focus your trip on a single section depending on the length of your trip. Due to the limited time we had, we only rode the southern half of the Velodyssee, from La Rochelle to Hendaye. It took us 9 days of riding to complete this stretch.

You can ride the route in either direction, but we chose north to south because we were continuing on into Spain. The route is signposted the entire way (in both directions) and is pretty easy to follow, making it the perfect introduction to bike touring.