A Guide for Vanlife Nomads

How do you get mail and packages when you’re traveling long term and you don’t have a fixed address?

This is one of the challenges of life on the road, but it’s not an insurmountable one. No matter what you need to have shipped to you – a letter, a package, an important piece of mail, a shipment from Amazon – there’s a way for you to get it no matter where you are.

Even though we might be passing through three (or more) different states in any given month, we’re still able to get our mail, friends and family are still able to send us packages, and we’re still able to order things online that we can’t find locally.

In this post we go over the most useful ways to get your mail and packages on the road (including the only reliable way we’ve found to receive Amazon orders at any Post Office). Just because you don’t have a fixed address doesn’t mean you can’t get your mail!

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