32 Ways Vanlifers Can Make Money on the Road

“How do you make money on the road?” Is one of the most commonly asked questions us vanlifers get. I received this question so many times during my first year living in the van that I made a whole video answering that question.

It’s also one of those questions that hold people back from hitting the road. “How will I make money?” is a valid concern for anyone considering vanlife. You need to pay for gas, food, repairs, park fees, and myriad other miscellaneous items, but the question still stands… how?

A lot of the advice you read out there centers around digital nomad jobs. But not everyone has the ability or even the desire to work these types of jobs, and they are far from the only options out there.

For this post, I’ve compiled a list of jobs that you can do on the road. And a big focus of this list is non-digital nomad jobs that you can work while living in your van.

An important disclaimer here is that every single job on this list is a profession of a real life person living in their van, and when appropriate, I will link to them so you can see first hand how they make it work. 

The following list is broken up into 5 categories, Vendors, Service Providers, Seasonal Workers, Lifestyle Jobs, and, finally, Digital Nomads.

Working from the road looks different for everyone, so don’t let one person’s journey discourage you from finding the job or lifestyle that works for you. It requires a certain amount of creativity, yes, but there are way more options for a mobile life than most people realize. 

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