17 Top Gifts for Vanlifers this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again – when people everywhere spend money they don’t have to buy things nobody needs, all in the name of rampant consumerism and holiday cheer! Kidding aside, we’re actually big suckers for any excuse to bring your whole tribe of love together to laugh and sing and eat and maybe get into burping competitions (#burpfest2017 commences this Christmas. Get ready).

But what do you get for that awesome van-dwelling nomad in your life? Vanlifers are notoriously difficult to shop for – the whole “extreme minimalist, cramming-your-life-in-a-van, valuing-experiences-over-possessions, anti-consumerist” thing doesn’t exactly scream “buy me stuff.”

We’ve often wished there was an easy list we could point to when loved ones ask us what we want for a Christmas / birthday / National Pancake Day gift. Too many times we’ve received something that’s unnecessary for our lives and we end up donating, returning, or re-gifting it. We know all these gifts come from a place of love and generosity in your hearts. But our lifestyle is such that if we don’t need a thing, we just don’t have the extra space to keep it.

In the interest of eliminating needless consumerism and increasing gift utility worldwide, here’s our list of gifts that any vanlifer will find useful. Everything on here is something that most people living in vans should enjoy – so stick to this list and you’ll have a happy nomad on your hands this holiday season!

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